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About Us
NAVIGATOR INTERNATIONAL is a company that carries on different business fields such as Construction, Modular Housing, Flat Pack and Kitchen & Dining Units, Defense and Aviation in US Embassies and Army Bases.

Established in 2005, We have grown from a small, two-man organization to a multi-million-dollar company with locations worldwide. We established in 2005 to address global support requirements thus, our seamless coordination with a network of domestic and international manufacturers to provide solutions for U.S. and foreign governments, general contractors and private international business customers. Our Significant contracts include performance on a Department of State contracts providing Labor and Manpower support. We have also offering complete turn-key construction solutions and supporting over 40 U.S. Embassy Construction Projects in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East of Asia.

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Stainless Steel Mobile Kitchens

Modular kitchens by NI Modular Kitchens provide flexible and competitive high-volume foodservice space. Our designers work with clients to customize interior layout, equipment and appliances prior to manufacturing. With our experience and solution based perspective, we design featured modular kitchens for any circumstance and requirement. Once onsite, our technicians take care of set-up. We can also assemble multiple modular kitchen units to meet virtually any configuration or volume requirement. NI Modular Kitchen offers modern design, fully equipped, customer oriented Modular kitchens for future.

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